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advanced image composition

Create stunning compositions from images in seconds. Use advanced transparency and powerful blends to create a new masterpiece from your images - at any resolution, and with just a few mouse clicks.


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legacy support:
Download alpha 1.2.5 here
(for use with OSX 10.5)

Download alpha 2.0.0 here
(for use with OSX 10.6, PPC

support center & user forum:
check out our knowledge base, exchange with other users or pose questions on the forum to get help fast.

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Hot Topic at Mac App Store: cf/x alpha's powerful controls

  • Hold spacebar and use your mouse to pan (move an image within its frame)
  • Hold the command key and use your mouse to zoom.
  • Hold the control key and use your mouse to crop

For more detailed instructions please take a look at our tutorials.

Tutorials for alpha - take a look at our snappy 'Fundamentals' to get familiar with alpha's main features
FAQ for alpha - please read this for information about the most frequently asked questions
Use cases and howtos - find examples and instructions here



Getting started


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