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cf/x mosaic -- get medieval on your pictures


cf/x mosaic at a glance

Version: 2.0.4
Date: 2014-Mar-20

Price: $19.99 (single user)

System requirements:
Macintosh (Intel, 64 bit), 2 GB RAM
OSX 10.7

Additional Information:

Download: here

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The classic mosaic is an image assembled from small pieces of colored stone, glass, ceramic or other materials (called ʻtesseraʼ in mosaikspeek). Creating a mosaic is an art that has been around for millennia in almost any culture. The ancient Persians loved them, as did the Romans, and the Greeks. Mosaics never have lost their appeal, and in modern times new sub-forms of mosaics have emerged.

cf/x mosaic is a specialized application that helps you creating high-quality mosaics and makes it fun. Pop in a picture, change crop, hit Go. Itʼs that easy. Twiddle with some settings, hit Go again. Itʼs that fun. The greatest advantage of mosaic is that it invites you to experiment. It can create ʻclassicʼ mosaics (images assembled from regular tiles) as easily as it creates modernistic assemblages of rectangles and lines. Even better, it creates great-looking, original, high resolution artwork even from low-resolution source images.

Download here and try it now for free.



The Beach


Mac OS X Lion


Empty Model

The Rose

Man on the Moon

Hereʼs a short-list of what is great about mosaic:

  • Creates enormous, high-quality (more than 100x100 inch at 300dpi) original artwork from even small image sources
  • Itʼs Fast (capital ʻFʼ. Less than 3 seconds for a 4ʼ900 tile mosaic, 10 seconds for a mosaic with 40ʼ000 tiles, 20 seconds at ʻinsaneʼ quality)
  • Supply your own color palette
  • Allows transparent tiles & background
  • Creates may different kinds of mosaics
  • Easy presets for instant good results
  • Fully customizable mosaics
  • Intuitive interface that invites you to experiment
  • Fully integrated crop and aspect ratio management – no need to pre-crop an image
  • Supports differently sized tiles
  • Choose from multiple tile shapes
  • Supports ʻmessyʼ assembly that gives the mosaic a more organic look
  • Export to most common image formats
  • Integration with iPhoto, Aperture, Preview, Mail
  • Direct upload to social web sites


Changes from Version 1.x

If you have upgraded from version 1.x, hereʼs a short summary of the major improvements that the free upgrade to 2.0 has in store for you:

  • Supply a color palette for tiles
  • Completely re-designed interface
  • Rotate master image by +/-20 degrees for easy aligning
  • New stunning presets
  • Significantly larger maximum output size (100 x 100 inch at 300 dpi = 2.5 x 2.5 meters at 300 dpi)
  • Custom output size
  • New tile shapes
  • Use transparency for background / tiles
  • Greatly improved results view
  • Fully 64 bit


Download now!

You can download cf/x mosaic and test it now! If you are happy with it, you can either purhcase a license from within the application, or go to our web store, and purchase a license there.

cf/x mosaic can also be found at the Mac App Store: MASBadge98dpi


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