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cf/x collage -- the collage creation über-tool

cf/x collage at a glance

"Good Stuff!" - Andy Ihnatko why he chose cf/x collage as his 'Pick of the Week' on MacBreak Weekly


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cf/x collage is a tool specifically designed to quickly assemble pictures into great-looking collages. The application provides simple tools that make arranging a collage, composing individual images, and changing whole layouts a snap. When you are done, you can export the result to many different file formats, transfer to cf/x alpha, upload to social web sites, or send them to your printer.

The process of creating a collage is simple, and has been streamlined for fast results. All you do is drop images onto the canvas, and then arrange their layout.

Individual images can easily be composed (zoom, pan) directly on the canvas. If you do not like a particular layout, you can either easily re-arrange it yourself of have the application create a new layout for you.

Version: 1.4.3
Date: 2012-Jul-29

Price: $19.99 (single user)

System requirements:
Macintosh (PPC or Intel), 2 GB RAM
OSX 10.5 (Leopard)

Download: here

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See Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 239



legacy support:
Download collage 1.4.2 here

(for use with OSX 10.5, PPC)

new color themes:

Apply one of the twenty Color Themes to instantly turn your compositions into black&white, give them this unique vintage instant camera look or let them appear as if completely made out of gold or silver.

Download cf/x collage here and try the new themes now for free.


Click here to

cf/x collage main features

  • Extremely easy layout generation
  • Auto-layout during image import
  • Compose images directly on the canvas (interactive zoom and pan, automatic crop)
  • Provides automatic composition guides (Rule of thirds, Fibonacci Spirals)
  • Interactive layout control
  • Automatic intelligent crop
  • 20 Color themes turn your collages e.g. into black/white or give them a seventies look
  • Export to many different file formats, upload to social websites or use your composition as desktop image
  • Save your layouts and turn them into templates in seconds
  • Extend any collage by simply adding more images
  • Easy to use layout generators with unlimited variety
  • Export to cf/x alpha
  • Save your collage as self-contained archives


cf/x collage can also be found at the MAS: MASBadge98dpi1


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