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Hint #7: Use iPhoto Events and Faces

With the recently released 1.4 update for cf/x photo mosaic we have supercharged the way you set your tile source. Finally - some of you may think - cf/x photo mosaic can access iPhoto (or Aperture) Events, Albums, Faces etc. much, much easier.

Here is how this is done:

Step 1: Upgrade to the latest version
Please ensure that you are using version 1.4 of photo mosaic (download the latest version from photo mosaic's product page - or use 'Special'/'Check for Update...' from the menu bar).

Step 2: Set Tile Source
To add an Album, Event, Faces Folder or other from iPhoto do the following:

  • click on 'Please Choose Tile Source' on the main window
  • in the ensuing dialogue scroll down on the left tab until you reach the 'MEDIA' section
  • click on Pictures and choose iPhoto*
  • drag the event onto the main window

Sometime, your Mac may refuse to accept the images. In this case, simply select all images from the pane below the event, and drag those onto the main window.

You'll see a dialog telling you how many images were successfully added to the current tile source.

*the same procedure applies for Aperture

Step 3: Complement existing Tile Database
In the new version of cf/x photo mosaic you now can add images and even whole folders to an existing tile source.

To do so just repeat step 2 above with an existing tile source - or simply drop multiple images onto the main window. All images will be added to the tile source.

Download cf/x photo mosaic here & try for free.

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Dear Friend and Artist


Well, perhaps not quite yet - but x-mas is approaching fast. At this time we start to think about presents for our loved ones. Here at the cf/x art shed we love to give creative, personal gifts. For this, we had the good sense to again carefully craft wonderful calendar templates for cf/x alpha and collage. And since it's again the season to share, we'll share these templates with you. For free.

Download them today and get a head start on that reindeer-pulled sled:




Here's how to create a nice 2012 calendar with 'cf/x alpha' or 'cf/x collage', filled to the brim with your own, personal images:

First download the template pack for collage or alpha (if you don't already have the latest version of the software, simply download an update here - or try it out for free).

Step 1: Download the template packs for 'cf/x alpha' or 'cf/x collage'.

Step 2: Create your own calendars and personalize them by adding your own images. If you want to go nuts, re-compose in alpha until Rudy's nose turns green with envy.

Step 3: Export and share your calendars electronically or directly print them at home.

TIP: Select good images for each month. In iPhoto/Aperture simply sort by date and use pictures that were taken in that month.

If you are into Scrapbooking with cf/x alpha, use multiple templates and group them. Then include these in your compositions to add a personal touch.